Curbside Trash & Bulk

The Charter Township of Ypsilanti contracts curbside trash collection with Waste Management. This service includes a 96-gallon toter cart on wheels in order to provide weekly collection of solid waste to all single family, duplex, triples and quadplex units.

Collection occurs weekly except where, due to a holiday or unforeseen circumstances, it is necessary to delay collection by one day. In no case will collection occur on Sunday unless the Township Supervisor has given approval in writing.

Curbside Collection Schedule

Contact Residential Services: 734.544.4000 (ext 4) for concerns with trash, recycle, or yard waste collection.

Contact Waste Management: 866.797.9018
Use the online chat feature on the website or email at:

Rent an Additional Waste Management Trash Cart

If you would like to rent an additional cart for trash, contact Waste Management.

The cost to rent a Waste Management trash cart is $86.40/cart/year, billed annually and will be processed over the phone. You may use your 96-gallon cart and your rented 96-gallon cart at the same time for trash collection.

Ypsilanti Township has no interaction on the cart return or rental agreement, this is done through Waste Management only.

Bulk Items

Each week you are allowed one bulk item. You must contact Waste Management 48-hours in advance (before your trash day) for ANY bulk collection. A separate truck and crew will pick-up your bulk item.

Contact Waste Management: 866.797.9018 or email at:
More Information
Rules for Collection

All items that are acceptable for pick-up according to these rules must be placed at curbside no earlier than 6:00pm on the day before collection and no later than 5:30am on the designated pick-up day. Empty containers and/or rejected items must be removed by 6:00am on the day after collection.

Under the contract with Waste Management, the Township must utilize trucks that have automatic lifts for the 95-gallon toter carts and no other containers will be allowed. If you have additional trash bags, you may schedule collection by calling Waste Management and process your payment of $3.00 per bag.

NO loose trash inside cart; all trash must be bagged.
NO lids chained or attached to sides of cans.
NO overflowing containers or materials placed on top of lid; lid must be closed.

It is unlawful to burn any garbage, rubbish or yard waste whatsoever in Ypsilanti Township.

Acceptable Trash & Bulk

Acceptable Trash: household (alkaline) batteries
Acceptable Bulk: 

  • White Goods: dishwasher, stove, washer, dryer, wall oven, water heater.
  • Freon Goods: refrigerator or freezer with doors removed and placed next to the item at the curb, de-humidifier, air conditioner, water cooler. Freon must be removed before scheduling pick-up with Waste Management.
  • Wood properly prepared; may not exceed 4' in length, nails must be removed or pounded flat, tied in a bundle at both ends (use duct tape or string) and not weighing more than 50 pounds per bundle. Two bundles of wood equal one bulk item.
  • Carpet/Pad properly prepared; may not exceed 4' in length or 8" in diameter, tied in a bundle at both ends (use duct tape or string) and not weighing more than 40 pounds per bundle. Six bundles of carpet equal one bulk item.
  • Paint Cans (Latex Only) properly prepared; paint must be completely dried. Fill paint cans to the rim with kitty litter, sawdust, or sand and stir until hardened. Place cans on the ground next to your trash bags or cans with the lid removed. 1 - 10 paint cans equal one bulk item.
  • Cardboard must be flattened in a 4ft x 4ft bundle; not exceeding 40 pounds.
  • Furniture
    • tables with 4-6 matching chairs, couches/love seats, dressers, armoires/curio cabinets, buffet cabinets; must be broken down.
    • box springs and mattress (mattress and box spring equals one bulk Item). Mattresses and upholstered items must be wrapped in plastic and sealed with duct tape to ensure safety of workers due to possibility of bed bugs
    • headboards, footboards and frames (footboard and frame equals one bulk item)
  • grills (propane tank must be removed), lawn mowers, weed trimmers and edgers (must be drained of oil and gas), storm doors and windows (glass must be broken out of frame and placed in a hard container or small box, taped and marked "BROKEN GLASS"), swing sets must be broken down and poles cut in sections less than 6 feet in length), toilets, vacuum cleaners, bicycles.
Unacceptable Trash & Bulk
Unacceptable Trash & Bulk: Waste Management will not collect from containers other than the 95-gallon toter such as fabricated containers, drums, cardboard boxes. Waste Management will not collect antifreeze, gasoline, motor oil, automotive/lead acid batteries, tires, car/truck parts, liquids, oil-based paints, propane tanks, burning-barrels, hot ashes, hazardous waste items (Washtenaw County Home Toxics Reduction Center), construction/roofing debris, fencing, railroad ties, large pieces of wood, drywall, yard waste, tree stumps, concrete, bricks, landscaping blocks, oil-based paints, beverage cans, landfill prohibited waste, refuse not capable of being loaded by the contractor into a packer-type truck.

No commercial-sized appliances, wet carpet/pad, or riding mowers.
Christmas Trees

Dispose with Waste Management
Each week you are allowed one bulk item. You must Contact WM 48 hours in advance (before your trash day) for ANY bulk collection. A separate truck and crew will pick-up your bulk item.

During the months of December-March, Christmas trees will be collected by the WM bulk truck and will not be counted as your one-weekly bulk item. You must contact WM 48 hours in advance (before your trash day) to schedule removal of your Christmas tree. Christmas trees that are taller than 6’ must be cut in half and placed next to your WM trash cart no later than 5:00am on your collection day.

Contact Waste Management: 866.797.9018
Please ask for your confirmation number.

Dispose at the Compost Site
Christmas trees are accepted at the Compost Site for chipping (free of charge for Ypsilanti Township residents; proof of residency required - ID/driver's license). Must have all decorations removed: Lights, tinsel, garland, ornaments and tree stand.