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All prices are set at a minimum charge. Please do not leave materials outside the gate.

Item Ypsilanti Township City of
All Others
Compost 2 yd/Twp address free, then $8/yd $13/yd $13/yd $13/yd
Wood Chips 3 yd/Twp address free, then $5/yd $5/yd $5/yd $5/yd
Wood Mulch $13.50/yd $13.50/yd $13.50/yd $13.50/yd
Economy Mulch $9/yd $9/yd $9/yd $9/yd
Yard Waste No Fee-Twp Residents Bill City $12/yd $12/yd $12/yd
Wood > 1' dia. $12/yd $12/yd $12/yd $12/yd
Trash 1 cyd. min. $17/yd $22/yd $22/yd $22/yd
Scrap Metal, Auto Batteries No Fee No Fee No Fee No Fee
Freon related items $10 each $20 each $20 each $20 each
Screened Asphalt Millings $10/yd $10/yd $10/yd $10/yd
Unscreened Asphalt Millings $8/yd $8/yd $8/yd $8/yd