Construction Board of Appeals

Placeholder-Notepad-and-PenThe Construction Board of Appeals is empowered by State law to hear appeals from the State Construction Code.

The Board may also rule in situations where a building permit has been denied. The Board is bound by state laws in carrying out its duties and cannot change the State Construction Code.  Before deciding on an issue or application, the Board must conduct a public hearing.

Notice of this public hearing is posted in the Township Office in compliance with Act 267, Michigan Public Acts of 1976, as might be amended.  The applicant or his representative will have full responsibility to present his issue and provide evidence that his request is within the guidelines established by the State Construction Code. The applicant may be called upon to answer questions by the Board members.

Any interested person, who is present, is given an opportunity to speak. It is important to note that the authority of the Board is limited to the analysis of a submitted proposal; the Board cannot make suggestions or propose alternatives. This responsibility lies with the applicant.  After the hearing is closed, the Board takes the application under advisement.

Decisions are usually made following the public hearing. The applicant is notified in writing after a decision is made; and the findings and determinations including any conditions imposed by the Board are drafted in final form.

Construction Board of Appeals Application