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Linda Gosselin, Assessor
Brian McCleery, Deputy Assessor
734.544.4000 (ext 3)


Submitting Documents

The Ypsilanti Township Assessment Department accepts submission of all Real and Personal Property Forms and Exemptions through The Assessment Department will also continue to encourage the submission of these forms via standard mail, or the other methods listed below:

  • In-person drop off at the Assessing Department counter
  • Mail them to our office:
    Ypsilanti Township Tilden R Stumbo Civic Center
    Attn: Assessing Department
    7200 S Huron River Dr.
    Ypsilanti, MI 48197
  • Drop box outside the Civic Center located at the front of the building by the flagpole (checked daily)

Contact us if you have any questions regarding your submissions.

Property Canvas

Ypsilanti Township has an ongoing review program of residential, commercial, and industrial properties to update record card data for accuracy and uniform property valuations in our community. The field staff will visit each property to verify measurements, take photos, and review all attributes essential to the valuation process. This review is necessary to meet State Tax Commission requirements for the Property Record System. All Assessment Department employees will be properly identifiable while in the field.

Department Information

The Assessment Department is responsible for the valuation of all residential, commercial, industrial, and personal property in the Ypsilanti Township and answers inquiries from current residents, prospective homebuyers, and all members of the property purchasing process.

Inquiries with the Assessor’s office include:

  • Assessed and Taxable Values
  • Legal descriptions and lot sizes
  • Land divisions and combinations
  • Ownership of property
  • Personal property
  • Property tax estimates
  • Qualifications for filing of State exemptions
  • Disabled Veterans Exemptions

It is the priority of the Assessing Department to have a certified assessing staff member respond to all taxpayer requests within one business day (24 hours). At least one certified assessing staff member is available for public inquires during all posted Township business hours. An in person or phone meeting can be scheduled by calling or emailing our office. Basic assessing record card data is available to access electronically at the top of this page. For requests for the inspection of more detailed records maintained by our office, please email or call to schedule a meeting with one of our certified staff members.
More Information

In Ypsilanti Township, the Assessor’s department would like to remind you of the deadline for filing a Principal Residence Exemption (P.R.E/Homestead) Affidavit. A valid affidavit filed on or before June 1 allows an owner to receive a PRE on the current year summer and winter tax levy and subsequent tax levies so long as it remains the owner’s principal residence. A valid affidavit filed after June 1 and on or before November 1 allows an owner to receive a PRE on the current winter tax levy and subsequent tax levies so long as it remains the owner’s principal residence.

Small Business Owners

In the State of Michigan, small business owners with a Personal Property True Cash Value of $180,000 or less are encouraged to file the L-5076 Small Business Property Tax Exemption.

Personal Property Forms:

Land Tables & Economic Condition Factors