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If you are planning on building a deck, porch, replace your hot water tank, furnace or other home improvement a permit is needed. A building permit must be reviewed - please allow a minimum of 5 - 10 business days from the time you submit your application to the time you can pick it up and start work. Remember if you, the homeowner, are having work performed by a contractor the contractor should pull the permit. This is a safeguard for you, the homeowner. It doesn't cost any more money nor take any more time for the contractor to do so.

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Inspections are required for water/sewer installation, footings, backfill (before), final grade, mid-wall, underground plumbing, rough plumbing, rough electric, rough heating, rough frame, insulation, drywall, interior slabs and porches attached to the foundation, fireplace, final plumbing, final electric, final heating, and final building.

Inspections for plumbing, mechanical, and electrical must be inspected and approved before inspection for rough/final building can be conducted.

Approved plans (site copy) must be on site for inspection, otherwise the inspection will not be made, and you will be charged a $50 re-inspection fee.

Business Registration

New commercial businesses are required to register and undergo zoning verification and building/fire safety inspections prior to opening for business to the general public. The one-time registration fee is $200. Existing businesses are required to register and may be subject to inspection for change of ownership, relocation to a different physical space, expansion or significant change of use originally reported.

Safe Worksite Policy
The Charter Township of Ypsilanti maintains a Safe Worksite Policy designed to ensure the safety and welfare of our employees working in the field. This policy requires that the following minimal safeguards be provided at inspection sites.

At the time of inspection, the site shall be easily accessible and free of accumulated debris. Temporary walkways (boardwalks) shall be installed from the street to the entrance of the structure. Temporary ramps shall have cleats and stairs shall be secure. Both ramps and stairs shall have at least one handrail.

Temporary guardrails shall be in place at open floor levels. If the inspector determines that a site cannot be safely navigated, the inspection may be disapproved, and additional fees may be incurred to reschedule the inspection after the site is made safe.

All construction sites pose some degree of hazard; however, we require that reasonable measures be taken to prevent unnecessary injury to persons required to access your site. Your anticipated cooperation is greatly appreciated!

Contractor Registration
Contractor Registration is required to be filled out by new contractors or if their license has expired. New contractors who have never registered before are required to do so in person the first time. A copy of their contractor's license and driver's license is also required.