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Stan Eldridge
Township Treasurer
734.544.4000 (ext 3)

Treasurer's Office

The Treasurer's Office:

  • Collects summer and winter property taxes
  • Issues dog licenses
  • Collects building permit fees and all other township revenue
  • Is responsible for the disbursement of all funds
  • Processes property tax deferment applications for residents who qualify under Section 51 of the State of Michigan's General Property Tax Act
  • Accepts payments for YCUA water bills (cash or check only)
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Stan Eldridge, Ypsilanti Township Treasurer

Served as Township Trustee from 2004 until 2020 and now as the Township Treasurer from 2020 to the Present. 

Stan Eldridge is now in his 5th full term after once again being re-elected in 2020. This new term will mark Stan’s move into the full-time role of Township Treasurer.

Stan was first appointed as a Trustee to the Charter Township of Ypsilanti Board in 2004 to fill a vacancy, and was then subsequently elected to his first full four-year term as a Trustee in November of 2004, which was followed by being re-elected as a Trustee in 2008, 2012 and 2016. 

In 2020, Stan was elected to serve as the Township Treasurer.

Stan is very honored and thankful that he can continue to serve the residents and the community for another term and he is also very appreciative of the support and confidence that the residents of Ypsilanti Township have shown both in and towards him.

Stan has been a life-long resident of Ypsilanti Township and has remained so due to his great love and passion for the entire community.  He encourages residents, business owners, visitors and all others to call, email or contact him with their questions, suggestions and concerns.

As the township, county, region and state continue to move forward, it is Stan’s hope, and desire that Ypsilanti Township continues to be innovative, efficient and serve at the forefront as a leader in improving the quality of life for all residents.

Stan continues to believe that forthright discussion, open decision making processes and listening to all points of view are the cornerstones to good government.  Ensuring that we continue to provide quality services and place the needs of our residents and taxpayers first are paramount as we continue to make Ypsilanti Township a great place to live, work and raise a family.

Thus far, during Stan’s tenure, he has introduced several proposals that have led to improvements in efficiency, accountability, responsibility and cost control throughout the Township.  As well, he has been a proponent of working with, and assisting other municipalities and entities on various ventures to improve the services being provided to our residents and taxpayers. Those efforts continue to grow as each member of the Township Board shares in these goals and Stan looks forward to continue working on a cooperative and collaborative basis with our local and regional partners.

Stan also currently serves on the the Zoning Board of Appeals, Economic Development Corporation, and the Liquor Control Board, in addition to the Local District Financing Authority, the East Michigan Avenue/Ecorse Road Task Force, the Building Authority, the Police & Fire Pension Board, the Police Services review Committee and many others that consistently are seeking improvements within the township, county and region.

As well, Stan served as the Chairperson for the Township Police Services Committee, while also serving as the Township representative on the Fire Services Collaboration Review Group and the US-12 Highway project. Stan is a former member of the Township Planning Commission, Wireless Washtenaw and several other committees and commissions. He is also a past member of various unions, including; P.O.A.M. F.O.P. and M.A.P.  Locally, Stan has been and continues to be involved in various community activities and groups that assist a wide range of residents and businesses in a variety of areas. Stan is a proud graduate of the Ypsilanti Public Schools and he also attended Washtenaw Community College where he earned his Associate Degree and then continued with his education at Concordia University in Ann Arbor, where he completed his Bachelor Degree in Business Administration & Leadership.  As well, Stan attended, and graduated, from the School of Police Staff & Command at Eastern Michigan University.  Along the way, Stan has attended additional seminars, trainings and certification classes in a variety of areas.

Stan and his wife have two children and currently live in the Lincoln Consolidated School District.  In addition to his responsibilities and duties as a Trustee for the Charter Township of Ypsilanti Stan has also served as a coach and mentor for youth, high school, collegiate and professional athletes for over 30 years, while also serving several athletic based organizations in an advisory role.  Stan also has spent time working for several Major League Baseball organizations.  

Stan truly enjoys serving the community and working with his fellow Board Members as they have a similar passion for, and commitment to, the community, its residents and taxpayers. Your thoughts and ideas are important to Stan and he welcomes the chance to speak with you.  If you would like Stan to attend a community or public meeting, please feel free to contact him.  Placing Residents First is more than just a saying, it is our goal!