Local Development Finance Authority (LDFA)

Placeholder-Notepad-and-PenThe Local Development Finance Authority (LDFA) is a primary means of making tax increment financing procedures available to assist industrial development. Utilizing Tax Increment Financing (TIF), the authority captures any increases in property valuations above a base level established before the redevelopment process beings. The LDFA is a public corporate body created primarily to plan and finance the development and redevelopment of the designated facilities, agricultural processing facilities, and high technology activity; LDFA’s are typically used to finance the infrastructure and public improvements necessary to attract these types of businesses to an area.

The Local Development Finance Authority meets twice per year.

LDFA Members
Eldridge, Stan
Fanta, Andrew
Jefferson, Ricky
Jarrell Roe, Heather
Kominars, Aron
McLain, Dennis
Neel, Javonna
Rose, Aaron
Stumbo, Brenda
Westover, Scott

Justin Hodge (WCC Liaison)
Fletcher Reyher (Planning Staff)

In compliance with Public Act 57 "Recodified Tax Increment Financing Act" - The LDFA Audited Financial Statements can be found by viewing the Table of Contents in the Audited Financial Statements under "Combining Statement of Net Position - Components Units".
Contact Javonna Neel, Accounting Director at 734.544.4000 (ext 5)
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LDFA Annual Reports & Financial Documents10 documents

  • 2023 Annual Report
    document seq 0.00
  • 2022 Annual Report
    document seq 1.00
  • 2021 Annual Report
    document seq 2.00
  • 2020 Annual Report
    document seq 3.00
  • 2019 Annual Report
    document seq 4.00
  • 2006 LDFA Resolution 2006-27
    document seq 98.00
  • 2006 LDFA Resolution Calling Public Hearing 2006-21
    document seq 99.00
  • 2006 LDFA Tax Increment Financing & Development Plan Adopted
    document seq 100.00